Review : Velbon UP-4DX II

Product Information

Review Submitted : 25th April 2012

Reviewer : Akira Fujitsubo

Reviewers Website / Portfolio :

Monopod : Velbon UP-4DX II

Being Used on : Canon 60D DSLR




This is my samurai sword!(I’m Japanese) I use this solely for video and have found it extremely useful in many situations. I specialize in filming live concerts and helps on getting shots over crowds and can capture more perspectives of a scene. You can mimic a crane shot with it and other creative shots.


I like the quick release plate in case you want to go handheld instead of screwing a camera off manually. In addition, I like the tilting head and pan-tilt handle for panning when stable with the spike at the bottom for more stability.


It’s stable, reliable, and all of the extender brackets are stable at all levels. I suggest this monopod to anyone! I filmed this whole music video on this monopod

You can see most of my work at which uses this monopod.


Thanks Akira Productions

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