Review : Manfrotto 685B NEOTEC

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Review Submitted : 5th July 2011

Reviewer : John De Rienzo

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Monopod : Manfrotto 685B NEOTEC

Being Used on : Canon 7D, Panasonic GH2


Manfrotto are renound for quality and the 685B Neotec is no exception. This monopd has seen me through many wedding shoots, music videos and documentaries and is in my humble opinion an essential purchase. We chose the neotec due to its ability to be released and closed quickly and effectively by just the press of a button on the top handle. Whoever was in charge of designing this particular monopod was definately in tune with the filmmakers needs. Especially suited for dslr, smaller, and compact cameras it gives much diversity to our shots allowing us to move quickly, compose a shot, film, and move on with the least fuss. For those who are more adventurous it can even mimic a jib and you can get some perfectly steady crane like shots,high and low sweeping shots and it proves to be sturdy enough for this. Inferior monopods have introduced more vibration into the images with movement due to their build quality but not so with the neotec. For the most part it is all rosy, however a word of warning. This monopd is not suited for those who will be using it outdoors in wet and extreme conditions on a regular basis. You will find that due to the mechanism and way the monopod opens and closes, any grit, rain etc can have a detrimental effect on its performance. For those in the wedding industry I would class this as an essential purchase. Please note, I am not endorsed in any way by manfrotto and my views are from my own experience with this model and therefore totally unbiased. John De Rienzo – De Rienzo Films – National Multi Award Winning Filmmaker.

Check out this link to a recently shot video using the Manfrotto 685B NEOTEC Monopod –

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