Review : Gitzo GM3551

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Review Submitted : 19th July 2012

Reviewer : Daniel Smith

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Monopod : Gitzo GM3551

Being Used on : Canon 1D MkIV & Canon 1D X

Monopod Review:

I have been using the Gitzo GM3551 for about 18 months now. After having used monopods for many years now – mainly Manfrotto models – I can safely say that this is the best of the lot!
I am a particularly tall person at 193cm, so the extra height of this monopod is extremely welcomed when doing shoots where I need to be standing up all day. That was my reason for getting this monopod – the max. heigh if 192cm.

Other than the height, the build quality is excellent. Gitzo have done so well with this model. It is compact when collapsed and very light, which is perfect for travelling on aircraft or walking long distances.
However, Gitzo have not compromised on anything – it is extremely sturdy. I use EOS-1’s and will often have a 500mm f/4 or a 400mm f/2.8 attached, and this monopod remains rock solid – even when extended fully.

Despite it’s max. height, Gitzo have used a twist-lock mechanism on each section which makes it lightning fast to fully extend/collapse, perfect if you;re having to move about frequently; and the belt clip is a nice addition to free up your hands a little more too!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this monopod to anyone. It’s combination of superior height, minimal weight and compact collapsed size make this monopod perfect.

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