Review : Dynex – 70″ DX-SW040

Product Information

Review Submitted : 19th July 2012

Reviewer : Rueben Gonzales

Reviewers Website / Portfolio :

Monopod : Dynex – 70″ DX-SW040

Being Used on : Nikon D3100 Camera/Video Recording

Monopod Review:

At $30.00 USD, I was happy to find this monopod by Dynex at my local Best Buy electronic store!

At we record a lot of interviews at comic book conventions and I was in need of a quick set up that was durable, flexible, and would fit in my backpack with out any fuss!

It allows for smooth movement when recording, panning, and changing views for the smaller DSLR that I use. A great alternative to a tripod that would be too cumbersome to take out and carry around for long periods of time. The only drawback is that the head doesn’t pivot like a normal tripod camera, however I knew that when I bought it, and it is really a non-issue.

It is a one pound simple solution that fits most cameras, is sturdy in build, and gives your tired camera arms a much needed rest!

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