Review : Calumet CK7108

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Review Submitted : 16th June 2012

Reviewer : Jessica Oates

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Monopod : Calumet CK7108

Being Used on : Nikon D300 DSLR

Monopod Review:

This is a review for the Calumet CK7108 4 section Monopod which I recently brought for just under £60 including a head (with student discount) at Calumet.

When looking into getting a monopod I was sure that I would go for a Manfrotto monopod. However when looking in Calumet the CK7108 caught my eye as well as the Calumet 3 way head.

I have started shooting a lot of theatre photography where I need to place my camera on a tripod or monopod. It was important for me to find a monopod that was sturdy and would support my camera without letting it slip. I also wanted the freedom to move my shooting position if I needed to which I didn’t really have with a tripod.

For me the CK7108 is excellent my camera is secure on there and the locks on the head provide that extra support meaning there is no chance of my camera slipping on the monopod. I found I did not need to fully extend the monopod to its full height (which would be way above my height) which means it is even more sturdy for me to use.

With my monopod I was able to move shooting positions easily compared to using a tripod and had a smooth action when moving the camera on the head (e.g. from landscape to portrait shots).

It is also compact when retracted and very easy to carry around with you. It is high quality at an affordable price (especially if you are a student) and I definitely recommend the Calumet 3 way head too.


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