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The Fresh ‘n Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick is designed for real-life fun. Lightweight yet durable, this selfie stick is rechargeable, and takes an astonishing 60,000 selfies with a single charge! Fully-extended, the telescopic pole measures a towering 1 meter, and closes down to a compact 23 centimeters. The padded clamp at the top grips your device firmly without causing cosmetic damage. Easy to use—just fasten your Android (2.3.6 and up) or iOS (5.0 and up) smartphone to the clamp at the top the pole, ensure communication between the stick and your device via Bluetooth, then snap your selfie using the remote shutter button on the comfortable rubber handle of the stick. No apps are needed! The Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick from Fresh ‘n Rebel provides the best selfie you’ve ever seen!


Take the lightweight and compact Fresh ‘n Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick anywhere in your neighborhood—or the world. Its compact size when collapsed makes it perfect for travel. Thanks to this easy-to-use accessory, you can pose by yourself or with your friends and not worry about awkward angles or your arm in the picture. It shoots photos above a crowd, which makes it ideal for concerts and parties. Capture your favorite performers, not the back of somebody’s head. It holds your device more steadily than an arm uncomfortably stretched above your head. No more blurry photos! Not all selfie sticks are equipped with a mechanism that remotely triggers the shutter of the device. The Fresh ‘n Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick utilizes Bluetooth technology to offer you the convenience of a shutter button built into the handle.


The Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick from Fresh ‘n Rebel provides straightforward and dependable functionality coupled with the convenience and accessibility of a Bluetooth-driven remote shutter button. No apps are necessary for this selfie stick to function properly, which means no clutter on your smartphone! This selfie stick is lightweight but very rugged and sturdy—just what you need when you travel. The one-size-fits-all clamp holds your device firmly while the swivel feature, which adjusts the angle and rotation of the device, reliably keeps its position. Discover a new universe of cool when you use the Fresh ‘n Rebel Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick!

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